Turkish warplanes attack Kurdistan PKK rebels

Turkish warplanes attack Kurdistan PKK rebels
Turkish war planes continued their airstrikes on Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) rebels group in northern Iraq and Syria, after a PKK suicide attack over the weekend killed two soldiers.
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03 August, 2015
The Turkish military have tried to suppress a decades long insurection in Kurdish Turkey [Anadolu]

Turkey is continuing its aerial assault on rear bases of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in northern Iraq, after a suicide bomber killed two of its soldiers and wounded dozens in eastern Turkey.

The attack left dozens injured and is part of a renewed assault by the Kurdish nationalist group on the Turkish military.

Reports say that PKK militants drove a tractor packed with explosives into the military unit close to the border with Iran.

Another attack by the Kurdish group late Saturday night killed one soldier.

On 22 July, a ceasefire was broken when the PKK killed two police officers in south eastern Turkey.

Airstrikes launched by the Turkish air force against the Islamic State group were extended to include the PKK, despite the Kurds being on the frontline against the extremist group in Syria and Iraq.

Kurdish activists have accused the Turkish military of deliberately targeting civilians in northern Iraq.

According to Anadolu Agency, a number of civilians in Zaragala village, northern Iraq, were killed during an air raid by Turkish war planes.

Turkey issued a statement claiming that the targetted village was not residential but a "sheltering area" for the PKK.

"There was no civilian residential area in and around the impact range of the bombardment," the military said, and that the target was only located after "careful and detailed" verification.

Turkey's foreign ministry said it would launch an investigation into the killings.