Turkish police seize smuggled fossils from creationist cult leader

Turkish police seize smuggled fossils from creationist cult leader
Authorities seized $10 million worth of fossils from homes belonging to Adnan Oktar, an infamous Islamic creationist cult leader.
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22 October, 2020
Adnan Oktar is infamous for his surgically enhanced female followers, or 'kittens' [Getty]
Turkish police seized smuggled fossils worth $10 million from the home of a jailed cult leader infamous for his anti-evolution views and bizarre female following, state news agency Anadolu reported on Wednesday.

Authorities discovered a total of 879 fossils in raids on two of Adnan Oktar's properties.

Oktar, also known as Harun Yahya, is an Islamic creationist who became known internationally through his televangalist network. In his televised lectures he would surround himself with "his kittens" - female followers with nearly identical bleached-blonde hair and perceived surgical enhancements.

He delivered televised sermons to "his kittens" and often danced with his young followers between his speeches.

The religious cult leader was arrested two-years-ago alongside more than 160 of his followers. 

Last year, he was indicted on a whole host of charges including kidnapping, sexual abuse, political and military espionage and running a criminal enterprise.

Anti-smuggling units raided two of Oktar's properties, north of the capital Ankara, this month after receiving a tip-off that he had smuggled fossils from abroad.

The seized fossils will be donated to Ankara's Natural History Museum, according to Anadolu.

Additional charges have been filed against two of Oktar's followers over the alleged smuggling. Both are already detained in prison on charges of belonging to a criminal organisation.

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