Elderly Turkish man runs onto film set in attempt to save actress in kidnapping stunt

Elderly Turkish man runs onto film set in attempt to save actress in kidnapping stunt
Muzaffer Parlak, 78, has been hailed by locals in Ordu, Turkey, after attempting to rescue a woman from kidnappers before discovering they were filming a TV series
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03 October, 2020
A man ran onto the set of TV series Kuzey Yildizi [Getty]
A 78-year-old Turkish man provided some real life entertainment to a television crew after running onto their set thinking a kidnapping scene was real.

Muzaffer Parlak was walking past the set in the Perşembe district of the Black Sea province of Ordu when he thought a woman was being kidnapped, Demirören News Agency reported on Saturday.

Actress Merve Sen was in fact playing a role for TV series Kuzey Yildizi, in which a group of men rob a jewellery store and attempt to kidnap her.

The pensioner ran to save her, giving Sen a shock by his sudden appearance and attempt to separate her from the other actors.

The crew were able to intervene and managed to calm Parlak down, local media reported.

On realising his mistake, Parlak apologised to the director and left the set.

Images of the incident circulated on social media, showing a crowd gathered round the elderly man.

"I saw that them trying to kidnap the girl, so I intervened," Parlak told local news. "Every citizen must show this level of sensitivity."

The television crew found the incident hilarious, and allowed themselves a break from shooting afterwards.

Sen said that Parlak should be an "example to everyone," encouraging men to stand up to violence against women in the streets.

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