Turkish, Moroccan diplomatic missions return to Libya

Turkish, Moroccan diplomatic missions return to Libya
Diplomatic missions and foreign ambassadors are returning to Tripoli, where Libya's new internationally recognised unity government is based.
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04 April, 2016
Qatar welcomed the arrival of the new unity government in Tripoli [AFP]

A number of diplomatic missions and ambassadors are returning to Libya amid growing support for the country's new internationally recognised unity government.

According to the official page of Prime Minister-designate Fayez al-Sarraj, Turkey's ambassador to Libya Salem Shahin arrived in Tripoli on Monday morning, followed by Morocco's ambassador.

The page added that ambassadors from Italy and the United Kingdom would return to their offices in Tripoli by the end of the month.

On Sunday, Qatar welcomed the arrival of the presidential council of the national unity government in Tripoli, according to a statement by the foreign ministry.

"[The ministry] called on the Libyan Presidential Council to communicate with all Libyan parties involved in order to reach a bigger consensus over the political process and help initiate a national dialogue," the statement read.

"Such moves would help reach a national reconciliation that would regain Libya's stability."

The Ministry also called on all parties involved in Libya's to continue the dialogue in order to reach a political agreement, expressing Qatar's "commitment to the choices of the Libyan people".

In addition, the statement expressed Qatar's support to regaining stability and security in the country in the face of the growing threat of terrorism.

Sarraj was named prime minister-designate in December under a UN-brokered power-sharing deal.

Libya has had two rival administrations since mid-2014 when a militia alliance overran the capital, setting up its own authority and forcing the internationally recognised parliament to flee to the country's remote east.