Turkish drone strike hits PKK target in northern Iraq, kills one

Turkish drone strike hits PKK target in northern Iraq, kills one
Turkey has been conducting a long-running campaign in Iraqi Kurdistan against the PKK, using drones and commandos in many operations.
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Turkey regularly conducts airstrikes and drone strikes against PKK targets in Iraqi Kurdistan [Getty]

A Turkish drone strike on Sunday killed a Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militant and wounded another in Iraq's northern province of Sulaymaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan's counter-terrorism service said.

The two PKK fighters were in their vehicle in the town of Chamchamal when the drone hit them, counter-terrorism service said in a statement.

There has been a long-running Turkish campaign in Iraq against militants of the PKK, which Ankara regards as a terrorist group.

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Turkey regularly carries out air strikes into northern Iraq, which has long been outside the direct control of the Baghdad government, and has sent commandos to support its offensives.

In a separate incident, unknown gunmen shot dead a Kurdish Peshmerga officer in his vehicle in Erbil on Sunday, a relatively rare attack in the capital of Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdistan region.

Iraqi Kurdish security sources said the incident was under investigation without giving more details.