Space kebab: Turkish chef sends spicy meat dish into stratosphere, 'aliens return it'

Space kebab: Turkish chef sends spicy meat dish into stratosphere, 'aliens return it'
A Turkish chef sent a kebab into the stratosphere on the international day of human space flight, hours before those fasting for the holy month of Ramadan broke their fast.
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13 April, 2022
It was the first attempt to send a kebab into space [Getty]

A Turkish chef attempted to send an Adana kebab into space on Tuesday, during the holy month of Ramadan.

Chef Yaşar Aydın used a helium weather balloon to launch the kebab into the stratosphere but it fell to the earth three hours later after reaching a height of 35 km, according to the Turkish news agency DHA.

The stunt - involving around 30 people - took place in Sarıçam district in Adana province, home to the famed kebab.

"After stopping for a certain time in space, the aliens sent the kebab back... because the kebab is spicy," Aydın joked.

"[I will] send a dish with less pepper next time."

The launch coincided with the International Day of Human Space Flight and happened while millions of Muslims in Turkey prepared to break their Ramadan fast.

The team of around 30 attached a camera and tracking device to the balloon and housed the kebab in a heat-resistant styrofoam box so it would remain warm during its journey.

It crashed into the sea in Hatay province around 121 km away from the launch site.

Undeterred by the failure of his space mission, the Turkish chef hinted he might attempt the stunt again.

 "I am a person who always loves firsts... my projects are always about kebabs... maybe we'll raise it even higher in the future" Aydın said, DHA reported.

Adana kebabs - also known as pipe kebabs - consist of seasoned minced lamb and are cooked on a skewer.