Turkish airstrikes 'kill scores of pro-regime fighters' in Syria's Afrin

Turkish airstrikes 'kill scores of pro-regime fighters' in Syria's Afrin
Turkey has conducted intensive airstrikes on Syrian regime troops in Afrin, resulting in dozens of casualties as it continues its bloody offensive to gain control of the Kurdish-held enclave.
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03 March, 2018
Turkish warplanes have carried out heavy airstrikes, killing at least 36 pro-regime troops in Syria's Afrin on Saturday, it was reported by a monitor.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that Turkey carried out an intensive air bombardment in the early hours of Saturday against Syrian regime army base in the Kafr Janna area in northeastern Afrin.

The strikes resulted in extensive material damage of the base as well as scores of casualties, and is the third such strike by Turkey against Assad's forces in the border enclave in 48 hours, according to SOHR.

At least 22 casualties of Syrian regime forces had previously been counted, since the Syrian army entered Afrin as part of an agreement to support the besieged Kurdish forces who previously controlled the area.

Meanwhile, fighting between Turkish forces and Kurdish militia continues in northwestern Afrin, predominantly focused in the town of Raju.

SOHR reported on Saturday that casualties from both sides to the offensive have risen to 311 since Turkey invaded Kurdish-held Afrin on January 20.