Turkey to take back Syrians after deporting them

Turkey to take back Syrians after deporting them
Ankara has allowed a small group of Syrians who were forcibly deported to Syria to return back to Turkey.
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22 August, 2019
Hundreds of Syrian refugees have been deported by Turkey since June [Getty]
A small group of Syrian refugees deported to Idlib province will be allowed to return back to Turkey, Syrian media reported on Thursday.

Six Syrian refugees who were "accidentally" to Syria from Turkey would be allowed to return to their homes following consultations between the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) and Ankara, Enab Baladi reported.

The SNC said that it had set up an email service to monitor the conditions of Syrian refugees in Turkey and through this, it had contacted the refugees who will return.

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 In July, the SNC and the Turkish interior ministry set up a joint committee on Syrian refugees. 

This happened after Turkish authorities started rounding up Syrian refugees and deported a number of them, even those with valid documents.

They were sent to Syria's war-torn Idlib province, which is under attack from the Bashar al-Assad regime.

Human Rights Watch said that Turkish authorities have forced Syrian refugees to sign papers saying that they were being "voluntarily" repatriated to Syria. Hundreds of Syrians have been deported to Syria since last July.

Turkey currently hosts over three and a half million refugees from the Syrian conflict.

Racist sentiments against them are on the rise and played a role in the Istanbul mayoral elections, which took place in June and were won by the opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP).

A deadline for Syrian refugees to leave Istanbul expired recently.