Turkey extends disputed east Mediterranean research mission again

Turkey extends disputed east Mediterranean research mission again
Turkey has extended a research mission in disputed waters of the east Mediterranean, angering Greece once again after an earthquake saw conciliatory messages exchanged between the two countries.
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01 November, 2020
The Oruc Reis research vessel's activities have caused tension between Turkey and Greece [Getty]

Turkey on Sunday extended once again a research mission in contested waters of the east Mediterranean, ignoring Greek warnings that such moves undercut efforts to resolve a dispute between both NATO allies.

The Turkish navy said in a message on the international maritime alert system NAVTEX that the Oruc Reis vessel would stay in the area until November 14.

It had previously said the ship would remain until next Wednesday, November 4.

The latest deployment comes as Turkey and Greece had toned down some of their bellicose rhetoric in the aftermath of a deadly earthquake that hit both countries.

However Athens soon responded to the Turkish move, denouncing what it described as "Turkey's illegal conduct," and demanding that it withdraw from the area.

The Greek foreign ministry said in a tweet that minister Nikos Dendias will inform the country's allies and partners of the latest developments.

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"This [Turkish] action only increases tensions in a vulnerable region where attention is currently focused on aid and support and solidarity [after the earthquake]," the foreign ministry said.

The Oruc Reis, escorted by military ships, has become the symbol of Ankara's quest for natural gas in the eastern Mediterranean, where recent discoveries have triggered huge interest and competition.

Athens says Ankara is breaking international law by prospecting in Greek waters.

Turkey in August sent the ship into the disputed zone, alarming both Cyprus and Greece, which carried out military drills in response.

Tensions subsided after Turkey withdrew the ship in mid-September for what it said was maintenance work and agreed to exploratory talks with Greece.

But Ankara sent the ship back into the area on October 12, angering Greece which said there could be no talks until it is withdrawn.

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