Turkey extends ban on firing workers during Covid-19 pandemic

Turkey extends ban on firing workers during Covid-19 pandemic
The ban aims to keep the unemployment rate steady as Turkey battles the Covid-19 pandemic.
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30 December, 2020
Turkey has one of the worst Covid-19 infection rates in the world [Getty]
Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan extended a ban on companies firing employees on Wednesday, as the country battles a second coronavirus wave.

The rule against letting workers go was first introduced at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic with the aim of reducing the virus' effect on an already battered economy.

Turkey has been one of the countries worst affected by the novel coronavirus, recording more than two million confirmed cases and 20,000 deaths to date.

President Erdogan announced the ban on firing employees would be extended for another two months, according to the Official Gazette.

The measure has helped to curb an increase in the official unemployment rate during the pandemic.

The unemployment rate currently stands at 12.94 percent, down from 13.49 percent last year.

A first batch of coronavirus vaccines produced by Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac arrived in Turkey on Wednesday.

The initial shipment carrying three million doses were expected to arrive earlier in December.

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