Turkey declares 'Mission Accomplished' in battle against coronavirus

Turkey declares 'Mission Accomplished' in battle against coronavirus
A Turkish official has declared 'Mission Accomplished' in the country's battle against its Covid-19 outbreak.
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21 May, 2020
On Saturday, Turkey recorded its lowest number of new daily coronavirus deaths since March [NurPhoto]
Turkey has declared "Mission Accomplished" in the country's battle against the novel coronavirus, an official said in a tweet on Wednesday, days after recording its lowest daily death rate since March.

Sharing an op-ed he penned for The Washington Times about Turkey's healthcare infrastructure, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's communications director, Fahrettin Altun, stated the country's outbreak has been "contained".

"Turkey under @RTErdogan invested billions in healthcare infrastructure, let top scientists devise a strategy and treated all Covid-19 patients for free," tweeted Altun.

"The result? Our recovery rate is almost 75 percent. The pandemic has been contained. #MissionAccomplished"

On Saturday, Turkey announced its lowest daily coronavirus death toll since the end of March, with 41 deaths recorded on that day.

With the daily coronavirus death toll now falling, Erdogan recently announced a gradual lifting of restrictions in May and June to spur the country's economy.

Turkey has instituted partial lockdowns to combat Covid-19.

Older adults above 65, as well as those aged 20 and under were not allowed to leave their homes until recently. 

Ankara has eased other measures, including the opening of shopping centres and hair salons.

In an effort to contain the outbreak, Turkey this month deployed nearly 6,000 teams of "tracers" - all health professionals - to track potential Covid-19 cases 24 hours a day by identifying and following up with people who have had contact with patients.

Unlike other countries, Turkey has not suffered a shortage of respirators or masks.

Ankara has been playing the diplomatic card on medical aid since the start of the crisis, sending military planes full of equipment to other countries.

However, a shipment of over 80 tonnes of personal protective equipment from Turkey to the UK has been impounded earlier this month after failing to meet the safety standards - something denied by Turkey.

As of Thursday, Turkey has recorded 152,587 total cases and 4,222 deaths.

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