Turkey begins to demolish parts of TV evangelist's 'kitten den' mansion

Turkey begins to demolish parts of TV evangelist's 'kitten den' mansion
Turkish authorities are destroying parts of a mansion owned by Adnan Oktar, a well-known Muslim evangelist.
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04 October, 2018
Oktar was known for his female followers, who he referred to as 'kittens' [Getty]
Turkish authorities destroyed parts of a playboy-style mansion in Istanbul on Thursday, owned by renowned TV evangelist Adnan Oktar who was charged with a string of serious criminal charges in July.

Oktar, also known as Harun Yahya, was one of Turkey's most well-known TV personalities, due to his colourful lifestyle and surrounding himself with attractive young woman, who he referred to as his "kittens".

Turkish media reported that parts of his luxury compound that were not approved by Istanbul authorities were being demolished early Thursday morning, according to Hurriyet.

Oktar was arrested along with at least 168 followers in July, accused of sexual abuse, running a criminal organisation, fraud, kidnapping, among other serious charges.

His properties across Turkey were also confiscated by authorities.

He was known for his daily televised sermons, where he discussed religious, political and social issues from his Istanbul mansion.

Oktar delivered televised speeches to his "kittens" and often danced with his young followers between his sermons.

He came to prominance after authoring a number of books detailing his unorthodox views on Islam, including The Atlas of Creation where he disputed the theory of evolution.
His critics dismissed him a cult leader who used religion as cover for criminal activities.

Oktar developed a number of colourful conspiracy theories about evolution, the British state and freemasonry.