Tunisia's Health Minister distributes coronavirus masks on the streets of Tunis

Tunisia's Health Minister distributes coronavirus masks on the streets of Tunis
Tunisia's Health Minister Abd al-Latif al-Makki and his team distribute masks in the capital to raise awareness about coronavirus.
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15 May, 2020
Tunisia's health minister distributes face masks on the streets of Tunis [Facebook]
Tunisia's health minister distributed protective masks to citizens in the capital Tunis to help reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Health Minister Abd al-Latif al-Makki and a number of ministry personnel distributed the coronavirus masks as part of a campaign to urge people to wear them, The New Arab's Arabic-language service reported.

The Tunisian Ministry of Health has launched a coronavirus awareness campaign on the streets of the capital to encourage people to wear protective masks.

Tunisia's government announced zero coronavirus cases on Friday for the fifth consecutive day. Despite the positive indications, the Ministry of Health is urging Tunisia to remain cautious and take precautions. 

Meanwhile, retail shops and supermarkets reopened Friday in Tunisia.

In a statement published overnight, the health ministry also said that 217 patients still carry the Covid-19 virus, three of whom are being treated in hospital.

But for the fifth consecutive day no new cases were registered in the North African country which has declared 1,032 cases of coronavirus, including 45 deaths, since March 2.

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With infections slowing, retail stores, open-air markets and supermarkets have reopened, but authorities are urging citizens to stay vigilant and respect hygiene measures.

On Wednesday, President Kais Saied shortened an overnight curfew that has been in place since March 22.

Tunisia started easing strict confinement measures last week.

Agencies contributed to this report.

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