Tunisia opposition party calls for further protests against President Saied

Tunisia opposition party calls for further protests against President Saied
The Hope and Action party has urged its supporters to engage in another protest this Saturday, against the 'coup' of the Tunisian president.
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16 September, 2021
The opposition party urged protesters to take to the streets on Saturday [Getty]

Tunisia's Hope and Action party has called for protests on Saturday against President Kais Saied's suspension and intended amendment of the constitution.

The opposition party urged its supporters to protest against what it called a "coup and violation of the constitution" in a statement released on Wednesday. 

The statement highlighted their "support for all anti-coup movements",  but asked protestors  to "respect the laws in force".

On July 25th, Tunisian President, Kais Saied, froze parliament for 30 days, which was extended in August.

The president also lifted immunity of MPs and dismissed Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi, stating that he himself would take over executive power "with the help" of a government headed by a new chief appointed by the president.

Saied announced his decision after an emergency meeting after thousands of Tunisians protested about government failures and high coronavirus rates.

Defending his decision, the president said "the constitution does not allow for the dissolution of parliament, but it does allow for its work to be suspended," citing Article 80 which permits such in case of "imminent danger". 

This was followed by a series of more senior officials' dismissals and a ban on protests.