Tunisian presenter wears orange jumpsuit to back Morsi

Tunisian presenter wears orange jumpsuit to back Morsi
A Tunisians television presenter said his stunt was "in defence of oppressed Egyptians", the day after former president was jailed for 20 years.
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22 April, 2015
The Tunisian TV channel shares the Muslim Brotherhood's ideology

A Tunisian presenter has appeared on television wearing an orange jumpsuit to show support for the jailed former Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi.

Miqdad al-Majeri says he wore the overalls on Tuesday "in support of Egyptians and in defence of oppressed Egyptians" and to show solidarity with Muslim Brotherhood prisoners facing death sentences in Egypt.

Morsi was yesterday given a 20-year prison sentence.

Thousands of suspected members of the group have been rounded up in Egypt since the Brotherhood government was overthrown by Egypt's military in 2013. Many have worn regulation orange jumpsuits during their trials.

Majeri hosts a political talk programme on Tunisia's al-Zitouna TV and dedicated Tuesday's show to Egypt.

He spoke to politician Riadh Chaibi, the editor-in-chief of Essada.net, Rached Khiari, and political analyst Ali al-Lafi about the hundreds of death sentences issued in Egypt.

Al-Zitouna TV was established by Oussama Ben Salem, a members of the Ennahdha movement, and is sympathetic to Tunisia's moderate Islamist ideology.

It is not the first time the channel has shown sympathy with its Islamist compatriots in Egypt. On Tuesday, the channel displayed the four finger "Rabaa" symbol along with the channel's logo in its ink mark. 

This was in solidarity with the Muslim Brotherhood protesters and detainees in Egypt who have adopted the salute as a symbol of protests and defiance.

This article is an edited translation from our Arabic edition.