Tunisia angrily denies reports of normalisation talks with Israel

Tunisia angrily denies reports of normalisation talks with Israel
Tunisia has strongly denied reports that it is engaged in talks with Israel about normalisation, saying that it would not abandon 'its firm position in support of inalienable Palestinian rights'.
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09 June, 2022
Tunisia's foreign ministry said the country would continue to support the Palestinian cause [Getty]

Tunisia strongly denied reports on Thursday that it was in talks to normalise ties with Israel, calling them "rumours spread by sites affiliated with Israel".

"These websites have been spreading these rumours in repeated attempts to harm the image of our country and its firm position in support of inalienable Palestinian rights, which do not change with the passing of time," the Tunisian foreign ministry said in a statement.

On Wednesday, the Israeli news website Israel Hayom reported that Tunisia and Israel had been "exploring the possibility of establishing closer ties" but added that Algeria was working to stop these efforts.

"Tunisia is not interested in establishing diplomatic ties with an occupying entity, and will remain a source of support to our Palestinian brethren in their struggle both on an official and a popular level, as the president has repeatedly said," the Tunisian foreign ministry statement added.

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Tunisia established partial diplomatic ties with Israel in 1996 but closed its mission in Tel Aviv in 2000, after the failure of the Camp David peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians and the outbreak of the Second Intifada.

However, Israelis are still able to visit the North African country.

In 2020, Israel normalised ties with Bahrain, the UAE, and Morocco in deals known as the 'Abraham Accords'.

Palestinians slammed the agreements as a betrayal, pointing out that they rewarded Israel while it continues to occupy East Jerusalem and the West Bank and besiege the Gaza Strip.

Public opinion surveys in the Arab world have also shown overwhelming opposition to the deals.