Tunisia closes crossing with Libya amid border clashes: state radio

Tunisia closes crossing with Libya amid border clashes: state radio
The Ras Jdir border crossing between Tunisia and Libya has been closed by authorities, following an outbreak of violence in the area.
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Law enforcement has been deployed to the border to 'combat smuggling and control security violations' [Getty/file photo]

Tunisia temporarily closed the Ras Jdir border crossing with Libya for security reasons amid armed clashes on the Libyan side, Tunisian state media said late on Monday.

Video footage has been circulated on social media showing a burning vehicle at Ras Jdir, accompanied by the sound of shooting and people running.

The interior ministry of the government of national unity in Tripoli was not immediately available for comment.

The ministry said on Sunday that it had deployed law enforcement to take control of the crossing to “combat smuggling and control security violations in order to maintain security and manage the movement of passengers between Libya and Tunisia”.

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Tunisian Tataouine Radio said that Tunisia closed the crossing to preserve the safety of citizens going to Libya. Stranded people from the Libyan side were allowed to enter before the crossing closed.

Libya has had little peace since a 2011 uprising, and it split in 2014 between eastern and western factions, with rival administrations governing each area.