Tucker Carlson interview with Palestinian Reverend Munther Isaac divides US political right

Tucker Carlson interview with Palestinian Reverend Munther Isaac divides US political right
Carlson's interview with Palestinian Reverend Munther Isaac widened a divide within the US political right over support to Israel.
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11 April, 2024
Carlson has criticised the Biden administration for giving money to both Ukraine and Israel [Getty]

US political commentator Tucker Carlson has received backlash from pro-Israel conservative commentators over his interview with Palestinian Reverend Dr. Munther Isaac on Tuesday.

Carlson, a former host on right-wing leaning Fox News, discussed the situation of Palestinian Christians with Isaac amid Israel's ongoing war in Gaza.

Isaac, who is a Lutheran pastor in Bethlehem, slammed right-wing Evangelical Christians in the US who have supported Israeli actions in Gaza and the occupied West Bank which bring huge harm to the Palestinian Christian community.

He noted how despite the strongly held views by the religious right on the subject "their knowledge on the situation here seems to be very very shallow."

Isaac further described how Israel's military occupation was causing many Palestinian Christians to flee the occupied territories and its assault on Gaza is endangering the Christian community in the enclave.

"We continue to plead for the opportunity to be heard. We continue to plead with these evangelical leaders, come and listen and talk and see things from your own eyes, take our perspective seriously," he said.

Divide within political circles 

The interview has further deepened divisions within right-wing political circles with a split between often Evangelical supporters of Israel and those who oppose its oppression of Palestinians.

Republican member of Congress Dan Crenshaw, who labelled Carlson a "click-chaser", accused him of spreading false narratives, including "nonsense about Christian mistreatment in Israel".

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His comments echoed those of Joel Pollak, the editor of right-wing Breitbart News, who accused the Palestinian Authority of 'Islamising' Bethlehem and other comments made by the talk-show host.

Other right-wing figures leapt to his defence including Infowars' Alex Jones, who said Carlson had only told the truth.

Former MMA fighter Jake Shields echoed Jones by labelling Carlson "America first", and criticised Republicans for being "Israel first" and Democrats for being "Ukraine and every third-world nation first".

Right-wing political commentator Candace Owens also appeared to throw her support to Carlson, reposting his episode on her X account.