Trump will not announce embassy move during Israel trip

Trump will not announce embassy move during Israel trip
The US president is said to still support moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, but does not want to jeopardise a potential peace deal between the Palestinians and Israelis.
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The potential plan has inspired protests against the US administration around the world [AFP]

President Trump will not announce plans to move the US embassy to Jerusalem during his upcoming visit to Israel, an anonymous official at the White House has revealed.

The president is still reportedly in favour of the move, despite an outpouring of anger across the Muslim world, but also doesn't want to jeopardise any potential peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians.

Israel regards Jerusalem as its 'eternal, undivided capital', however that status is not recognised by the international community and the US embassy is currently based in Tel Aviv.

The Palestinian Authority also regards east Jerusalem as its capital and would regard the US moving its embassy as a major affront.

A senior official told Reuters however that Trump still intends to move the embassy, but will not make the announcement during his trip to Israel.

"We're having very good discussions with all parties and as long as we see that happening, then we don't intend to do anything that we think could upset those discussions," the official said.

During his election campaign, Trump repeatedly promised to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, however this plan seems to have lost steam since he has reached the Oval Office.

Trump has received a large number of petitions and warnings from world leaders, particularly those from Muslim majority countries, over his plan to move the embassy.

Senior officials in the US State Department, Department of Defence and US intelligence services have all urged the White House not to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital.