Trump warns Facebook, Google and Twitter 'to be careful'

Trump warns Facebook, Google and Twitter 'to be careful'
US President Donald Trump has stepped up his criticism against internet giants Google, Facebook and Twitter accusing them of 'bias'.
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28 August, 2018
Trump believes news search results are "rigged" to favour "left-wing media" [Getty]

President Donald Trump stepped up his criticism of internet firms on Tuesday, hours after attacking Google over what he called "bias" against him and his supporters.

"Google and Twitter and Facebook - they are really treading on very, very troubled territory and they have to be careful," Trump told reporters at the White House.

The comments come after the president last week slammed social media firms for what he claimed was suppression of conservative voices, and Tuesday's tirade against Google that claimed news search results were "rigged" to favour "left-wing media".

Facebook announced last week that it stopped stealth misinformation campaigns from Iran and Russia, by shutting down accounts as part of its battle against "fake news".

The social media giant removed more than 650 pages, groups and accounts identified as "networks of accounts misleading people about what they were doing", Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said. 

US law enforcement agencies have been notified, with content from some Facebook pages traced back to Iran.

Others were linked to groups previously with ties to Russian intelligence operations, the social network said.