Trump possibly sent by God to save Israel, says Pompeo

Trump possibly sent by God to save Israel, says Pompeo
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said God possibly sent down Trump to save the Jews.
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22 March, 2019
Pompeo visited Israel on Thursday [Getty]
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Friday that it was possible God sent President Donald Trump to save Israel from Iran.

During a visit to Israel, a Christian broadcaster questioned Pompeo whether he believed Trump's election as president might have been an act of divine providence.

"President Trump right now has been sort of raised for such a time as this, just like Queen Esther, to help save the Jewish people from an Iranian menace," he was asked, referring to a biblical princess.

"As a Christian, I certainly believe that's possible," he responded. "I am confident that the Lord is at work here."

He also praised Trump's efforts to "make sure that this democracy in the Middle East, that this Jewish state, remains".

Pompeo is on a tour of the Middle East where he is visiting Kuwait, Israel and Lebanon. His main mission is to build a regional alliance against Iran, analysts have suggested.

It comes as Trump tweeted that the time to recognise the Golan Heights - Syrian territories illegally occupied by Israel - as Israeli, leading to a backlash in the Middle East. 

Pompeo followed up with a tweet backing the illegal Israeli annexation of the Syrian land.

He was also accompanied to the Jerusalem's Western Wall - in territory occupied by Israel but legally Palestinian - by the Israeli prime minister, something never done before by a US secretary of state.