Trump goes full Sisi with 4th July Independence Day military parade

Trump goes full Sisi with 4th July Independence Day military parade
US President Donald Trump has organised a controversial military parade through the streets of Washington.
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04 July, 2019
Trump has called for a military parade in Washington [Getty]
Tanks and armoured vehicles were seen rolling through the streets of Washington on Thursday, as the US capital prepares for a controversial military parade organised by President Donald Trump to celebrate 4th July.

The move has been widely criticised, with many comparing the president's wish to employ the military for the Independence Day celebrations as more fitting for a tin pot dictator than the head of the US government.

The US military warned Washington residents not be alarmed as two Bradley tanks were moved to the National Mall for Trump's Salute to America parade.

The parade is a huge break from traditional celebrations of American Independence Day, which has been widely seen as a more civil affair.

It has faced criticism for the huge cost of deploying military units to central Washington. Many have dismissed the parade as a vanity project for Trump who is said to have been inspired by similar - but larger - martial displays in France.

Others believe it reveals a sinister respect by Trump for dictators who make the military a key component to their rule.

Trump said that Egypt President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is "very close to me" and also described him as a "great president".

He also said that "we fell in love" when he met North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and said "I have a good chemistry with him".

Trump has also strengthened his relationship with Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who has continued to enforce a hardline military occupation of the West Bank.