Trump appoints Islamophobic general as national security advisor

Trump appoints Islamophobic general as national security advisor
Donald Trump has offered Michael Flynn, who has described Islam as a "cancer" and argued that "fear of Muslims is rational", the job of national security adviser.
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18 November, 2016
Flynn has advised Trump throughout his presidential campaign [Getty]

Donald Trump has offered retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn the job of national security adviser, according to senior Trump officials.

Flynn served as the director of the Defence Intelligence Agency under Barack Obama for two years until he announced his early retirement in April 2014.

Flynn was reportedly pushed out of his position for his vocal criticism of the administration’s handling of the war against al-Qaeda.

After retirement he regularly appeared on Russia’s state-owned news channel RT as an analyst and even took part in the network’s anniversary gala in Moscow in 2015.

The retired three star general has also been known for his anti-Muslim sentiments, including calling Islam a “cancer” in an interview with the Washington Post.

Flynn has also taken his Islamophobic views to Twitter, where in February he wrote: “Fear of Muslims is RATIONAL: please forward this to others: the truth fears no questions...”

Flynn has been a close adviser to Trump throughout the presidential campaign and has worked with him on national security issues during the transition.

His appointment would make him one of the most powerful people in the US government and give him enormous influence over the Pentagon, State Department, and CIA - organisations he clashed with publicly and privately during his final years in uniform.

The national security adviser does not require Senate confirmation. The job is based in the White House and its occupant has frequent access to the president.

It is unclear whether Flynn has officially accepted the position.