Top Iran commander: support for Assad 'necessary'

Top Iran commander: support for Assad 'necessary'
Defending the 'axis of resistance' in Syria is a 'necessary' element of Tehran's foreign policy, Mohammad Ali Jafari said in comments carried by Fars news agency on Tuesday.
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01 September, 2015
Iranian members of the Assembly of Experts attend a session on September 1, 2015 [AFP]

Iran's Revolutionary Guard Commander Mohammad Ali Jafari said that defending the axis of resistance in Syria is necessary and inevitable and should happen at all levels as he put it.

Iranian news agency Fars quoted Jafari as saying that Iran considers providing this support as one of its main activities and that his country was opposed all wars in the region that were fought forces opposed to and are enemies of the 'axis of resistance'.

The Iranian commander insisted that Tehran also was providing military advice and expertise to help Syria and expressed Iran's readiness to meet the demands of the different parities to the axis of resistance.

Chairman of the Assembly of Experts of Iran, Mohammad Yazdi, said today that the solution to the Syrian crisis is in the hands of the Syrian people as they alone should decide their own destiny.

During the periodical meeting of the Assembly members, Yazdi said that the sides that want to overthrow the current Syrian government aim to form a government that is connected to and follows them, describing what is happening in Syria and Yemen as sedition created by the US to guarantee the security of Israel.