'From peace-loving hippy to war-mongering millionaire': Tony Blair musical to be staged in London

'From peace-loving hippy to war-mongering millionaire': Tony Blair musical to be staged in London
A new musical charting the life of former British prime minister Tony Blair will be staged in London, featuring 'special appearances' from Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden.
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16 December, 2020
The invasion of Afghanistan is set to be featured in the musical [Getty]
The life of former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is set to become a musical extravaganza that will see some of his most memorable moments in office performed to song and dance. 

"Tony! (A Tony Blair Rock Opera)" will be performed at the Turbine Theatre in London next February as part of MTFestUK 2021.

It will include portrayals of notable figures who played a prominent role in the politician's career, including Princess Diana, Saddam HusseinOsama bin Laden, and former US President George W Bush.

The new musical is the brainchild of British comedian Harry Hill, who has also penned the lyrics.

Although the plot of new production is currently unknown, the theatre said the musical will play "fast and loose with the facts".

"[It's] the story of how one man went from peace-loving hippy and would-be pop star to warmongering millionaire in just a couple of decades," the theatre said.

Tony Blair is known to be a keen guitar player and is believed to have harboured ambitions of become a rock star in his younger days. It is not thought that he will be taking any musical role within this production. 
Blair's years in office were marked by a number of highly notable events, including the 9/11 attacks, the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, the build-up to and war in Iraq in 2003, and the execution of Saddam Hussein.

His invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq made him highly unpopular for many people in the UK.

The artistic director of the Turbine Theatre, which is located in the renovated Battersea Power Station, Paul Taylor-Mills, said the play is a product of its time.

"It's impossible to ignore the challenges and sheer nerve required to make any kind of announcement during these times," he said.

Since leaving office, Blair has served as a Middle East peace envoy and established a global institute and interfaith charitable foundation. 
He was previously the subject of musical called "Tony! The Blair Musical", which was written by Chris Bush, who also penned the sequel "Tony of Arabia" - staged during Blair's third term.

The new play will feature lyrics from Harry Hill, who has a history in theatre with the 2014 production "I Can't Sing: The X Factor Musical".

"Tony! (A Tony Blair Rock Opera)" will run from 4 to 6 February. 

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