TikTok suspended in Jordan for 13 days following living cost protests

TikTok suspended in Jordan for 13 days following living cost protests
Jordanians have been finding ways round the block - but the ban is still in place, according to local media.
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28 December, 2022
Several security officials have already died since protests began [Getty images]

TikTok users in Jordan have been without the content-sharing platform for nearly two weeks after the death of a police officer in fuel price protests led the government to censor the app nationwide. 

The Jordanian cybercrimes unit originally suspended the app on 16 December, saying that "TikTok has failed to get a grip of content shared by its users, whether it’s glorifying and publishing acts of violence, or inciting chaos.”

TikTok, the most widely used social media platform in Jordan, has been used to circulate information about strikes and protests unfolding around the country throughout December, and has been described as a 'national addiction' in Jordan. 

The killing of a high-ranking officer occurred after two weeks of protests over the high price of fuel and difficult economic conditions in Jordan.

Protests started with a general strike of truck drivers across the country to protest rising fuel prices and the removal of subsidies on basic goods.

Drivers refused to work, and in some cases blocked roads, until their demands - which were often published on Tiktok - were met. 

Some users have been able to access the app again in parts of the country in the last two days, though no public statement by the cybercrimes unit has been made. 

Digital economies minister Ahmed Hanandeh told Roya News on Tuesday that no official decision has been taken to lift the suspension.

Jordanians have been sharing instructions on Twitter about how to circumvent the ban and continue sharing content from the protests across the country. 

TikTok has not commented on the government’s decision to suspend the app.