Three-year-old girl dies days after suffering injuries from Beirut blast

Three-year-old girl dies days after suffering injuries from Beirut blast
The toddler was reportedly struck by a door that had become unhinged during the deadly blast on Tuesday.
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07 August, 2020
At least 157 people have been killed by the blast [Getty]
A three-year-old child has succumbed to her injuries sustained during the massive blast that shook Lebanon's capital city on Tuesday.

Local media reports and social media posts identified the child who died on Friday as Alexandra Najjar.

Joey Diab, a friend of the Najjar family, spoke to NBC Bay Area News about the toddler's passing.

"They were playing, a door blew out and pinned her to a wall fighting for her life the last two days. Passed away in the last 10 minutes," Diab said on Friday morning.

Tributes poured in on social media for Alexandra, who is one of at least 157 people killed by the deadly blast.

"RIP Angel, your killers must be brought to justice," wrote one Twitter user.

"I hope she is dancing with the angels in the sky," wrote another.

Two enormous explosions devastated Beirut's port on Tuesday, shaking distant buildings and spreading panic and chaos across the Lebanese capital.

The second blast sent an enormous orange fireball into the sky, flattened the harbourside and drove a tornado-like shockwave through the city, shattering windows kilometres away.

Bloodied and dazed people stumbled among the debris, glass shards and burning buildings in the immediate aftermath of the blasts. 

Local rescue teams supported teams of firefighters sent in from supporting countries are still searching the rubble for people trapped beneath.

The blast was apparently caused by the ignition of 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate that had been stored at the port since 2013.

Lebanon's government has launched an investigation, as many Lebanese blame the catastrophe on negligence and corruption.

Calls for an independent probe have grown since the day of the blast, with countries and rights groups raising concerns about the reliability of a government investigation.

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