Three Turkish diplomats killed in Erbil restaurant attack

Three Turkish diplomats killed in Erbil restaurant attack
Initial reports indicate that the attack in Iraqi-Kurdistan may have been perpetrated by the PKK, a Kurdish militia engaged in a thirty-year conflict with the Turkish state.
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17 July, 2019
Initial reports indicate the Turkish Vice Consul was killed in the attack [Anadolu]
At least three Turkish diplomats were killed on Wednesday when an armed attack targeted a restaurant near the Turkish consulate in Erbil, Iraqi-Kurdistan, security sources have told agencies.

Preliminary reports indicate that the vice-consul general in Erbil was among the dead.

Initial reports by the Kurdish and Turkish media reported that at least two consular staff had been killed in the attack which occured on Wednesday afternoon in Erbil, capital of Iraq's Kurdistan Region. At least one other person was injured in the attack.

While early reports indicate that the consular staff were targeted by unidentified armed gunmen.

Some Turkish media reported an explosion taking place at the restaurant in an upmarket Erbil neighbourhood, although this is yet to be confirmed.