Three separate cholera outbreaks in Yemeni hospitals

Three separate cholera outbreaks in Yemeni hospitals
A spokesperson for the Yemeni ministry of health has confirmed three cases of cholera in the capital Sanaa.
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07 October, 2016
A young child is vaccinated against Cholera [AFP]
Yemen's ministry of public health announced three separate outbreaks of cholera in the country's capital Sanaa on Thursday.

According to the national news agency SABA the cases are limited and under control.

"Patients diagnosed with cholera have been isolated and are being receiving medical care under monitoring," said Dr Abdul Salam al-Madani.

Epidemiology specialists from the ministry of health discovered three separate infections and the patients were given preventive medicine.

The ministry of health also issued a reminder to "pay attention to personal hygiene in general", by cleaning fruits and vegetables thoroughly and washing hands before eating.

This is not the first time that cholera cases have been recorded in Yemen in recent years.

In 2011, the World Health Organisation recorded 18,276 cases of cholera in Yemen with 40 related deaths between April and September 2011.