Three Palestinian-Israeli men shot dead in latest killing of crime wave

Three Palestinian-Israeli men shot dead in latest killing of crime wave
Three young men, all Palestinian citizens of Israel, were shot dead in two incidents on Friday evening amid a continuing crime wave in Israel's Palestinian community.
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10 April, 2021
There has been a wave of violent crime in Israel's Palestinian communities [Getty File Image]
Three young men, all Palestinian citizens of Israel, were shot dead in two separate incidents in the town of Deir al-Asad and the village of Ibtin in the Galilee region in northern Israel on Friday evening, amid a continuing crime wave among Israel's Palestinian communities.

The New Arab’s sister site Arab 48 reported that relatives Hafez Sane’Allah, 26, and Rami Sane’Allah, 23 were shot dead in Deir al-Asad when unknown assailants opened fire on a takeaway restaurant in the town. Two children, aged 10 and 13 were also wounded in the incident and taken to hospital.

In the village of Ibtin, which is east of Haifa, 20-year-old Izzedin Amariya was killed by a gunshot after a fight broke out. His two brothers were wounded.

The violent incidents took place after demonstrations happened on Friday against the high rate of crime in Palestinian communities in Israel and the apparent indifference of Israeli police to the issue.

Israeli police arrested four of the people at the protests, which took place in the towns of Jaljuliya and Majd al-Karrum.

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The town of Deir al-Asad was in shock on Saturday morning, following the deaths of Hafez and Rami Sane’Allah.

The former head of the local council in the town, Nasr Sane’Allah, who is related to the two victims told Arab 48: "One of the victims was working to support his family. He had married a year ago and left behind a pregnant wife… No words can describe the disaster that's befallen us."

"Violent acts and murders are increasing in our society, unfortunately," Sane’Allah said.

"Our town was safe in the past year but our society has been suffering this phenomenon and there's no doubt that the primary responsibility falls on the police and the government, because of their inaction and negligence," he added.

"However, as family and as representative institutions we are also responsible to make sure to put a stop to this phenomenon."

The local council of Deir Al-Asad is expected to meet in an emergency session later on Saturday.

Sane'Allah also expressed shock at the fact that automatic weapons were used to shoot at the restaurant, but added that one of the children was lightly wounded and had been released from hospital, while the other was still in treatment, in a stable condition.

Arab 48 reported that including the latest victims, 25 people had been killed in violent crime incidents in Palestinian communities in Israel since the beginning of 2021, the vast majority aged between 18 and 40.

Palestinian-Israelis live within Israel’s 1948 boundaries and make up roughly 20% of the Israeli population. They hold Israeli citizenship but are widely discriminated against and many of their communities suffer from neglect.

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