Three killed, dozens injured in gang violence in Port Sudan

Three killed, dozens injured in gang violence in Port Sudan
Three people were killed and fourteen injured in Port Sudan on Tuesday as a gang attacked a residential area.
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08 July, 2021
Dozens of people have been killed in tribal violence in Port Sudan since 2019 [Getty]

At least three people were shot dead and 14 injured on Tuesday in gang violence in the city of Port Sudan, the capital of Sudan's Red Sea State.

A statement from the Red Sea State’s security committee said that a gang, who refer to themselves using an offensive racial slur, attacked homes in the Mirghaniya area of Port Sudan.

The statement added that police arrived in the area soon afterwards and fired tear gas on the gang members, arresting six of them.

However, gang members then fired shots at the police, who had to call in reinforcements, according to the statement.

Two of the gang members who were arrested were in possession of firearms.

The security committee expressed regret for the deaths and injuries which resulted from the violence.

Since 2019, the city of Port Sudan has seen a number of instances of tribal violence. Dozens of people have been killed and injured as a result.

On Wednesday protesters from the Beja tribe blocked roads leading from Port Sudan to Khartoum in protest at the continued detention of 42 members of the tribe who had taken part in protests on 30 June.