Three Israelis, one Palestinian killed after West Bank attack

Three Israelis, one Palestinian killed after West Bank attack
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15 November, 2022
An attack in the occupied West Bank has left at least three Israelis killed.
Souf was shot dead as he tried to escape from the second vehicle after crashing it into other cars [Getty]

Three Israelis were killed and another three were wounded Tuesday in an attack in the occupied West Bank.

The alleged assailant, identified by the Palestinian health ministry as 18-year-old Palestinian Mohammed Souf, was shot dead by Israeli forces. He came from the West Bank town of Hares.

"A terrorist stabbed a security guard near the entrance to the Ariel Industrial Park. The terrorist then stabbed three people at and adjacent to a nearby gas station, before he fled in an apparently stolen vehicle," an Israeli army statement.

"Shortly afterward, the terrorist crashed the vehicle into other cars on the Route 5 highway, before getting out and stabbing another person, according to medics. He then stole another vehicle and drove it against traffic, crashing into more cars, before he got out and was shot dead by soldiers and armed civilians."

The Palestinian health ministry had issued a statement about a man shot dead by Israeli forces at the site, without providing further details.

Israeli forces are investigating how he managed to escape from the area.

Israeli soldiers entered Hares following the attack to find any individuals who might have aided Souf, carrying out patrols and searching residents.

Despite the deaths of Israelis, Palestinian civilians have overwhelmingly been the victims of shootings by Israelis and settlers in the occupied West Bank.

2022 has been the deadliest year on record in the West Bank, with the Israeli army making near-daily raids on Palestinian towns.

Hundreds of Palestinians have been killed, wounded, or detained.

Gaza was also bombed by Israel earlier this year, with dozens of civilians in the besieged area killed.

A number of Israeli citizens and soldiers have also been killed in attacks.

The latest escalation comes after the Israel elections which should see its most far-right government ever, led by former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his far-right allies.

The cabinet will likely include politicians known for incendiary hate speech against Palestinians.

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