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Three Israelis injured by rockets from Lebanon

Rockets fired from Lebanon injuries three Israelis: Israeli medical services
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06 April, 2023
The Western Galilee in northern Israel came under rocket fire from Lebanon on Thursday afternoon. Local authorities in northern Israel have decided to open shelters for the public.
A man gives a statement to the authorities while standing before the damaged glass facade of a building in the aftermath of intercepted rocket fire launched from Lebanon and intercepted by Israel in its northern town of Shlomi on April 6, 2023. [Getty]

The Western Galilee in northern Israel came under continuous rocket fire from Lebanon on Thursday afternoon in possible retaliation over multiple attacks by the Israeli security forces on worshipers at the al-Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan. Three Israelis were reportedly injured according to Israeli medical services. 

Palestinian factions in Lebanon are the likely culprits, according to analysts, but senior Palestinian officials in Lebanon denied any role. 

Local authorities in northern Israel have decided to open shelters for the public. 

Israeli PM Netanyahu will convene his security cabinet shortly to assess the developing situation. 

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Earlier, militant factions in Gaza launched limited rocket attacks against bordering Israeli towns in retaliation for the al-Aqsa tensions, prompting Israeli strikes on the besieged Strip. 

The latest escalation comes amid heightened tensions in the occupied West Bank and at least four recent attacks on Syria attributed to Israel. 

Several days ago, Israel announced that it had downed a UAV originating from Syria over Galilee. A day later, Israel said it had shot down another UAV over the skies of Gaza. 

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In a tweet, Eli Cohen, Israel's minister of foreign affairs, said, "Israel is facing missile barrages, from the south and the north. These attacks are not accidental. Let no one test Israel, its determination and strength, we will take all necessary measures to protect Israel and its citizens. I call on the international community to take an unequivocal stand against those who try to destabilise the region and harm Israel."

Israel has seen massive anti-government protests over a planned judicial overhaul since Netanyahu took office in January.