Three confirmed dead on Mecca pilgrimage

Three confirmed dead on Mecca pilgrimage
Saudi Arabia is facing increased scrutiny on this year's Hajj to keep pilgrims safe, following last year's disaster in which 2,110 died.
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05 September, 2016
All eyes are on Saudi Arabia to keep conditions safe on the Islamic Pilgrimage [Getty]
Three Jordanian pilgrims have died on this year’s annual Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca, the Jordanian Ministry of Religious Affairs has confirmed.

Fatima Salameh Abdurahman al-Wahoush, 57, died of natural causes on Saturday, while two men, one working as a medical professional, died while on pilgrimage on Sunday.

More than two million people arrive in Mecca, Saudi Arabia every year to take part in the annual pilgrimage.

Temperatures will average around forty degrees centigrade this year and heat exhaustion is one of the leading causes of injury and death on the pilgrimage.

AP reported that 2,110 people died whilst on pilgrimage in 2015, more than triple the number recorded by Saudi officials, making 2015 the most deadly year for pilgrimage since 1990.

Following international criticism, Saudi civil servants have this year been conducting drills in crowd management in order to better prepare for a potential disaster.