Thousands mourn Palestinian man killed by Israeli forces in Nablus

Thousands mourn Palestinian man killed by Israeli forces in Nablus
Palestinian security forces intercepted the funeral in Nablus city centre in Nablus, clashing with some of the mourners.
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West Bank
13 December, 2021
Israeli forces have intensified night raids on Nablus city in the past weeks [Getty]

Thousands of Palestinians participated in the funeral of 31-year-old Jamil Kayal in the occupied Nablus on Monday.

Kayal was killed on Sunday night by Israeli forces during a raid in the city. His funeral was temporarily interrupted after clashes between Palestinian security forces and mourners broke out.

Jamil's sister, Munira Kayal, told The New Arab: "We received the news of Jamil's death at midnight. His friends who were there told us that he was wounded by the Israeli army and left bleeding for half an hour before the ambulance was allowed to the spot by Israeli forces.

"[Jamil was a] very enthusiastic young man who would be present with others in the streets to confront occupation forces with stones when they raid the city... we were always worried for him, but we didn't imagine that we would wake up to such news. It's devastating."

Local sources reported that Palestinian security forces intercepted the funeral at Nablus city centre, clashing with some in the procession.

"According to our customs, men march with the martyr's body from the hospital to the house, where family members give the body a last goodbye. It was taking longer than usual, and we heard that the march clashed with Palestinian police."

The event caused outrage on social media, where accounts criticised the Palestinian Authority (PA) for disturbing the funeral.

The governor of Nablus, Ibrahim Ramadan, denied the accusation, telling Palestinian media on Monday that armed men in the procession fired into the air "which is illegal".

"Only then did Palestinian security forces intervene to stop those men, throwing tear gas at them," Ramadan said.

Israeli forces have conducted raids in the occupied West Bank city of Nablus almost on a daily basis in recent weeks.

Munira Kayal told The New Arab that "every night we go to bed worried of a new raid that might take the life of someone".

On Wednesday, dozens of Palestinians clashed with Israeli forces raiding East Nablus who had attempted to open the way for Israeli settlers to visit the Tomb of Joseph, a religious site in the city.

On Thursday, Israeli forces raided Nablus again and arrested seven Palestinian university students.

Local journalist, Nidal Ishtayeh, explained to The New Arab that the Tomb of Joseph is located in a heavily populated area, neighbouring two schools and many Palestinian homes.

Settlers come to the site every Wednesday night after Israeli forces open the way, often leading to clashes with local Palestinians. 

Ishtayeh added that "the rest of the week the Israeli forces come to arrest Palestinians".

Nablus is the second-largest Palestinian city in the West Bank, classified as being under "Area A", putting it under the security of the Palestinian Authority with Israelis are not allowed to enter, according to the Oslo Accords.