Thousands of people to attend public mass held by Pope Francis in Bahrain

Thousands of people to attend public mass held by Pope Francis in Bahrain
The pontiff's historic trip to Bahrain will see worshippers from across the Gulf attend a public mass in Manama.
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20 October, 2022
People attend the first mass at the Our Lady of Arabia cathedral in Manama, Bahrain on 11 December 2021. [Getty]

Bahraini media has reported that an estimated 28,000 worshippers will be attending a public mass held next month by Pope Francis, head of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican City State. The mass is set to be held in the Bahrain National Stadium.

Of the 28,000 said to attend, 24,000 will be from Bahrain. 2,000 worshippers are confirmed to be coming from Saudi Arabia, 500 spots have been allocated to worshippers from the UAE, Kuwait and Oman, and another 900 places will be set for visitors from other countries.

Papal souvenirs in red and yellow colours, to symbolise the flags of Bahrain and the Holy See, have been seen at two church stores in the Gulf state according to Bahraini media.

"For the Papal Mass we are expecting 28,000 people, which is the stadium capacity, and the majority will be from Bahrain — almost 24,000 people," the director of communications at the Apostolic Vicariate of Southern Arabia John E John said to Bahrain's The National.

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The mass will also operate with the help of 700 volunteers, approximately 300 Eucharist ministers to distribute communion, and 120 priests including bishops and cardinals.

Bahrain is set to issue e-visas to those who have official invitations.

"The authorities in the Kingdom of Bahrain have notified that they will issue an e-visa for all those who hold a valid entry pass," said Bishop Paul Hinder, administrator of the Apostolic Vicariate of Northern Arabia according to The National. 

The Pope's visit and mass will be available on Livestream as well. 

The Pope will visit Our Lady of Arabia cathedral south of Manama. The cathedral, which will host the Pope on 4 November,  is the largest in the Gulf region and can seat at least 2,300 people.