Third Iranian fuel shipment bound for Lebanon arrives in Syria's Baniyas

Third Iranian fuel shipment bound for Lebanon arrives in Syria's Baniyas
A third Iranian shipment carrying fuel for Lebanon - as per an agreement with Hezbollah and without Beirut's consent - arrived in Syria on Wednesday
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06 October, 2021
This is the third Iranian shipment of oil destined for Lebanon [Getty]

A third Iranian tanker loaded with fuel for Lebanon reached the Syrian port of Baniyas on Wednesday according to the Tanker Trackers oil service

The shipment is unable to load off the coast of Lebanon due to US sanctions on Iran, so the oil it is carrying will be taken to Lebanese territory via fuel trucks.

Iran-backed Hezbollah says the fuel shipments will ease a crippling energy crisis Lebanon has been facing for months.

The group's leader, Hassan Nasrallah, first announced in August that his group struck a deal with Tehran to import diesel and fuel oil.

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati said last month that the Iranian shipments constitute a breach of Lebanon's sovereignty and was “saddened” that this happened.

However, Hezbollah has continued to facilitate the entry of the tankers without authorisation by the Lebanese government.

Hezbollah-owned petroleum corporation Al-Amana had announced that it would sell Iranian fuel oil at reduced prices until the end of September.

Al-Amana has been sanctioned by the US government, while Hezbollah is considered a terrorist organisation by Washington.