Taliban fighters disperse women's protest in Kabul with gunfire

Taliban fighters disperse women's protest in Kabul with gunfire
Female Afghan activists took to the streets of Kabul on Saturday chanting 'Work, bread and freedom'. The protest was broken up by gunfire from Taliban fighters.
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There have been a number of women's rights protest in Afghanistan over the past year [source: Getty]

Taliban fighters fired into the air on Saturday to disperse a rare women's protest in the Afghan capital, days ahead of the first anniversary of the hardline Islamists' return to power.

About 40 women - chanting "Bread, work and freedom" - marched in front of the education ministry before a group of Taliban fighters dispersed them by firing their guns into the air, an AFP correspondent reported.

Almost one year ago, the Taliban seized Kabul and - for the second time - took control of Afghanistan. The fall followed the withdrawal of foreign troops and a lightning offensive across rural, then urban areas by the hardline group. 

Despite promises to offer a more progressive leadership, the Taliban have been accused of multiple human rights violations. Over the past year there has been a growing repression on women's rights. 

Girls are banned from secondary schools in the vast majority of Afghanistan's provinces. Women are banned from most employment. 

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Females at universities face harsh new restrictions, and many female teachers have been dismissed 

The Taliban have introduced a policy demanding women are chaperoned by a male family member and enforced tighter restrictions on female clothing

Nevertheless, despite repeated acts of brutality and the countries spiralling economic crisis, female activist continue to demand equally opportunities and basic freedoms.