Syria's Idlib province declares holiday to protect civilians

Syria's Idlib province declares holiday to protect civilians
Opposition officials in Idlib province, central Syria, have declared a public holiday lasting until Friday to protect civilians from Russian bombs.
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21 December, 2015
File Photo: Civil defence volunteers in the aftermath of Russian strikes on Idlib [Getty]
A public holiday has been declared in the rebel-held province of Idlib in Syria due to heavy bombing over the past week.

The opposition-run civil service and Jaish al-Nasr, a rebel alliance, declared the holiday until Friday to decrease any risks of civilians being caught up in Russian strikes.

According to the administration's official Facebook page, this will cover all government departments, including schools and universities.

However, it does not include hospitals.

The announcement comes a day after Russian airstrikes targeted seven civilian areas in the Idlib province, including an industrial area, a warehouse for school books, housing and a law college.

More than 47 civilians were killed and dozens of others wounded.

Such a move was seen similarly in the Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa, where the militant group cancelled Friday prayers and emptied mosques over fears of Russian attacks on large civilian gatherings.