Syrian war plane and helicopter 'shot down' by IS

Syrian war plane and helicopter 'shot down' by IS
A Syrian regime war plane and helicopter were shot down on Thursday IS have claimed, with the body of the pilot of the Mig jet 'crucified' in public by militants.
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15 July, 2016
Syria's regime lost a war plane and helicopter according to IS [AFP]

A Syrian war plane and helicopter were shot down by the Islamic State group on Thursday, jihadi websites have claimed.

The plane - which appears to be a Russian-made Mig-23 - was downed near Deir ez-Zor city, after it had carried out air raids on villages in the area, the group claimed.

The pilot of the plane was killed when it crashed, with IS-linked Amaq news agency releasing a video showing a crashed jet and dead body.

Later in the video, the body of the pilot was shown "crucified" in a public area by the fighters.

Regime loyalists named the man as Lieutenant Colonel Maher Qashaour and displayed the image of a pilot on social media.

Syrian state news agency SANA did not confirm the downing of the plane or helicopter.

However, regime war planes had been bombing IS positions in Deir ez-Zor according to state media, while Russian bombers had targeted the group in Palmyra from Tuesday, it was reported.

A video was also released by Amaq on Thursday showing a the wreckage of a military helicopter with the Syrian regime flag on part of the fin.

The website claimed the military helicopter was shot down in Ghouta - in the Damascus suburbs - close to Damascus international airport.

Earlier this week, IS shot down a Russian helicopter in Palmyra, killing both pilots.