Syrian 'spy' sentenced by Saudi court

Syrian 'spy' sentenced by Saudi court
Riyadh's Specialised Criminal Court has ruled a Syrian guilty of spying on opposition figures in the country and passing information to the Syrian regime.
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06 April, 2016
A Syrian was sentenced in Saudi Arabia for spying on opposition figures [Getty]
A Syrian has been jailed in Saudi Arabia to begin an eight-year sentence on espionage charges, it emerged on Wednesday. 

The defendant, who was not named in media reports, was found guilty by Riyadh's counter-terrorism court of sharing information on Syrian opposition figures and dissidents residing in Saudi Arabia with the Syrian government.

Saudi Arabia is a backer of Syrian opposition groups fighting to oust President Bashar Assad.

It's also home to several Syrian opposition figures and in December hosted a conference of Syrian opposition groups attempting to form a unified position.

Al-Hayat newspaper reported on Tuesday's court's verdict on Wednesday, saying the defendant published information that could affect public order, and posted material online that "insults Saudi Arabia and its people".