Syrian regime soldiers killed in attacks in Daraa, Idlib

Syrian regime soldiers killed in attacks in Daraa, Idlib
Two Syrian regime soldiers were killed in an attack in the southern province of Daraa, while opposition forces ambushed a regime vehicle in Idlib province, reportedly killing all inside.
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14 April, 2021
There have been frequent attacks on regime troops in Daraa [AFP File Image]

Two Syrian regime troops were killed in an attack on Wednesday in the restive southern province of Daraa, while others were reportedly killed in an ambush by opposition forces in Idlib province in northwestern Syria.

Syrian media activist Mohammed Al-Horani told The New Arab’s Arabic-language service that unknown assailants shot dead two members of the regime’s military security branch in the town of Sanamein in Daraa province.

No group claimed responsibility.

Al-Horani said that two other attacks took place in the town of Tafas and the Mukhayyam area of Daraa city, wounding two civilians, one of them seriously.

Daraa province was formerly a stronghold of the Syrian opposition but fell under Assad regime control in 2018, following a military campaign.

Anti-regime demonstrations and frequent attacks on regime forces still occur in the province however.

Sources told The New Arab’s Arabic service that regime troops had reinforced their presence in the town of Tesil in the west of the province and on the road between Tesil and Edwan following a spate of attacks on regime forces.

On Tuesday unknown assailants attacked former rebels who had reconciled with the regime and joined pro-regime militias in the town of Muzeirab in western Daraa province, killing one.

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In northwestern Syria, opposition forces used a guided missile to target a regime vehicle near the village of Malaha in southern Idlib province, destroying it and reportedly killing the soldiers inside, media activist Mustafa al-Mohammed told The New Arab’s Arabic service.

He said that regime forces had recently been trying to advance into the area separating them from opposition fighters under previous ceasefire agreements.

Al-Mohammed did not specify the number of regime casualties.

A ceasefire, brokered by Turkey and Russia has been in place in northwestern Syria, the last area of Syria held by anti-Assad forces, since March 2020 but it is frequently violated by regime and Russian forces.

Last week a regime missile strike in northwestern Syria killed seven people including an opposition education official, his wife, and daughter, drawing UN condemnation.

Also on Wednesday six civilians, including children, were injured when a mine exploded in the rebel-held village of Hazanna in northern Hama province, sources told the New Arab’s Arabic-language service.

The Syrian conflict began in 2011 following the brutal suppression of pro-democracy protests by the Assad regime. Over 500,000 people have been killed since then and millions more displaced, mostly as a result or regime bombardment of civilian areas.

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