Syrian regime, Russian flags raised in Daraa Al-Balad ending rebellion

Syrian regime, Russian flags raised in Daraa Al-Balad ending rebellion
The two flags raised above a post office in Daraa is a sign that a ceasefire deal has been implemented.
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02 September, 2021
Daraa is experiencing relative calm following a ceasefire agreement [Getty-file photo]

Syrian regime and Russian flags have been raised in Daraa Al-Balad, as terms of the recent ceasefire agreement are implemented for the second day in the southwestern Syrian city.

A spokesperson from local media organisation the Houran Free League has told The New Arab that "the flag of the regime and the flag of Russia was raised above the post office building in Daraa Al-Balad".

Daraa Al-Balad is experiencing relative calm following a ceasefire agreement this week, which ended a violent regime siege on the opposition town for two months.

The agreement was mediated by Russia and confirmed by the official spokesman for the Daraa Central Committee, Adnan Al-Masalama, on Wednesday. 

Al-Masalama stated terms of the agreement include an immediate ceasefire, the entry of Russian military police into the opposition city, the settlement of the statuses of "wanted persons" and their weapons, and the setting up of four regime checkpoints in Daraa.

Al-Masalama stated these terms were in return for the siege in Daraa Al-Balad being lifted and detainees being released. 

Activist Mohammed Al-Hourani told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that the implementation of the agreement is underway without any breaches or problems reported yet.

Al-Hourani said people willing to settle their status may do so by attending the settlement centre opened by the regime as part of the agreement.

He also confirmed that those wanted by the regime had started to hand over their weapons.

Al-Hourani made clear that the 34 wanted individuals could either make a settlement request or leave Daraa, although many preferred the first option.

He also pointed out that several more settlement centres are due to open.

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Another spokesperson from the Houran Free League confirmed that Russian military were brought into Daraa Al-Balad to oversee the implementation of the agreement. 

However, despite the recent calm in the city, the Houran Free League representative highlighted the "difficult" condition of civilians following recent shelling in the area.

Elsewhere in Syria, regime forces bombed numerous areas in the northwestern province of Idlib, including the town of Benin, Harsh Benin, Kansafra, and Al-Fateera. Other areas hit by the regime include the northern countryside of Latakia, in Jabal Al-Turkman.

Opposition factions also bombed regime positions in Al-Jaid, Al-Bahsa, Jurin, and Al-Raseef, in the western countryside of Hama.