Syrian regime launches major offensive to curb rebel advance

Syrian regime launches major offensive to curb rebel advance
Islamist-dominated rebel factions were on the receiving end of heavy shelling on Sunday as the Syrian regime launched a major offensive to halt their advance.
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08 May, 2016
Clashes between the rebels and government have escalated in recent days [AFP]

Syrian fighter jets bombarded Islamist-dominated rebel groups in southern Aleppo on Sunday, in a major attempt to push back the militant's recent advance in the area.

Dozens of airstrikes struck near the rebel-controlled town of Khan Touman in Aleppo province, with the regime confirming it had hit "terrorist groups", without  providing further details on the incident.

"The sectarian militia-backed Syrian regime launched a major offensive this morning," a military media official told The New Arab.

"The rebels managed to repel the regime offensive for the third day despite claims they had advanced into the area," he said, adding that "several fighterswere killed and wounded in the battle but it was also proven to be a great loss for the regime."

"Two government tanks were destroyed in the rebels' counterattacks," he added.

Islamist and jihadist rebel groups seized control of the town on Thursday with reports stating heavy fighting took place during the advance.

On Saturday, more than a dozen members of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards were killed in the ongoing clashes with the Jaish al-Fatah militants in a village southwest Aleppo.

Thirteen military advisors had been killed and 21 others wounded, Iran's Fars news agency quoted Hossein Ali Rezaei, spokesman for the Revolutionary Guard, as saying.