Syrian regime denies meeting with Israeli Mossad in Russian airbase

Syrian regime denies meeting with Israeli Mossad in Russian airbase
Syria has denied meeting with an Israeli delegation that included a former army chief of staff and former Mossad agent.
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21 January, 2021
The talks were reported to be brokered by Russia [Getty]

The Assad regime has denied that Russian-sponsored Syrian-Israeli meetings took place at the Hemeimeem military base in Syria.

This week, rumours began circulating that a meeting was held between a Syrian delegation and an Israeli delegation at Hemeimeem, a Russian air base located southeast of the city of Latakia, Syria in December 2020.

Jusoor for Studies a Syrian studies centre based in Turkey reported that Syrian intelligence chief Ali Mamlouk and General Bassam Hassan, the head of hecurity and military office at the presidential palace.  

The Israeli side was reportedly represented by former army chief of staff Gadi Eizenkot and by Ari Ben-Menashe, a former agent in the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence services.

The Jusoor site added that the commander of Russian forces in Syria Alexander Chayko also attended.

The Syrian delegation is said to have asked for the facilitation of its return to the Arab League, the obtaining of financial assistance to repay its Iranian debts and the end of Western sanctions to allow Syria to expel Iran from its territory.

The Syrian regime, led by dictator Bashar al-Assad denied the meeting took place and blamed “Zionists in the region” for peddling the rumours.

“The Syrian Arab Republic categorically denies the untrue news marketed by some mass media about Syrian-Israeli meetings,” an official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in a statement on Monday.

“Syria affirms that the forces which stand behind those lies are the same ones that seek to normalise with that entity and try to draw the whole region into Western Zionist alliances,” the statement added.

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