Syrian regime continues 'reconciliation process' in Tafas, ending Daraa revolt

Syrian regime continues 'reconciliation process' in Tafas, ending Daraa revolt
The Syrian regime has launched operations in the city of Tafas, part of its scramble to pacify the insurgency in southern Syria through a series of 'settlement' agreements.
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20 September, 2021
The Assad regime have continued their assault on insurgent groups in southern Syria , with their latest campaign targeting the city of Tafas [Getty Images]

The Syrian regime carried out search operations in the southern city of Tafas over the weekend, looking for suspected members of the opposition as the area comes back under government control following a reconciliation agreement with locals, according to state media.

Syrian soldiers collected weapons from armed locals in Daraa province and began settling the status of those who had agreed to a Russian-brokered truce earlier this month, which ended a two-month rebellion against regime rule.

It followed an uprising in several areas of Daraa - including Daraa Al-Balad - against election results in May that predictably saw Bashar Al-Assad returned to power as president.

A two-month regime siege on the opposition enclaves and fierce fighting between the two sides ended with a settlement agreement providing entry for regime troops into the insurgent villages.

Locals also had to hand over light weapons and commit to reconciliation with the regime.

Some opposition fighters were displaced to opposition-held Idlib province, in northwest Syria.

Daraa province was a stronghold of the opposition until retaken by the Assad regime in 2018.  

The area had since then seen assassinations of local regime security force members and former members of the opposition. A full-scale revolt erupted in parts of Daraa after a dispute over the presidential election results.

A crippling regime siege on Daraa Al-Balad, perceived as a hotbed of opposition, began in June with opposition areas shelled.

The first month of fighting displaced over 30,000 civilians according to the United Nations.

Backed by its Russian and Iranian allies, the Syrian regime is now gradually retaking control over localities in Daraa and negotiating the status of former insurgents through a "settlement" process.

Similar agreements have so far been implemented in other southern Syrian towns including Daraa Al-Balad, Al-Yadouda and Mzairib, according to official state media.