Syrian regime and opposition agree ceasefire deal for Daraa

Syrian regime and opposition agree ceasefire deal for Daraa
Daraa Central Committee's spokesperson, Adnan Al-Masalama, confirmed the agreed terms after the Syrian city had been besieged by regime forces for nearly 70 days
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01 September, 2021
Russian troops have entered the Syrian district of Daraa Al-Balad as an agreement has been reached [Getty]

A ceasefire deal has been agreed to end fighting in the rebel-held city of Daraa Al-Balad, southwest Syria, which has been under a punishing regime siege for two months.

The agreement - which was mediated by Russia - was confirmed by the official spokesman for the Daraa Central Committee, Adnan Al-Masalama, on Wednesday. 

Al-Masalama shared details of the agreement, which include an immediate ceasefire, the entry of Russian military police to the opposition city, settlements for the status' of "wanted persons" and their weapons, while four regime checkpoints will be erected in Daraa.

In return, a siege on Daraa Al-Balad will be lifted and detainees released. 

Sources have told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, that parties have started to implement a settlement process for 34 young people in Daraa.

Rebels have also handed over light weapons to committees affiliated with the regime, in a process overseen by Russian military police.

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Regime forces besieged Daraa Al-Balad for nearly 70 days after the city rejected the results of a flawed election process that saw Bashar Al-Assad given another term as president.

The latest deal is similar to a Russian roadmap that local leaders were previously offered.

This Russian proposal stated that those against the deal had to leave the city, while firearms were to be handed over to the regime.

The pro-regime Al-Watan daily said Moscow's proposal and the new deal are almost identical and that the regime's flag will be raised once again over the soon-to-be former rebel stronghold.

Activist Mohammed Al-Horani said that Syrian Defence Minister Ali Ayoub and Russian General Andrei, who is in charge of Moscow's forces in the area, were among those present during recent talks between the two sides.

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