Syrian refugee feeds Germany's homeless

Syrian refugee feeds Germany's homeless
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27 November, 2015
Every Saturday, Alex Assali, a Syrian refugee in Germany, cooks for the homeless on the streets of Berlin.
Syrian refugee Alex Assali feeds Berlin's homeless every Saturday [Tabeau Bu-Facebook]
Alex Assali, a Syrian refugee in Germany has been cooking for Berlin's homeless because he wanted to "give back something to the German people".

Every Saturday, The 38-year-old cooks and distribute free food to homeless people on the streets of the German capital, according to a supporter who took a picture of him and posted it on her Facebook page.

Tabea Buttner posted a photo of Alex standing in Berlin's Alexanderplatz behind pots of food and a table, with a note that read: "Give something back to German people."

News of a Syrian refugee feeding homeless Germans spread quickly and the photo has been shared thousands of times online.

On Thursday, a video was posted by Sat1, in which Alex was interviewed as he and Tabea cooked up a pot of Mfarakeh, a Syrian speciality made up of potatoes and onions, before distributing the meal on the streets of Berlin.

Alex fled Syria in 2007 after posting something online that was critical of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. He lived in Libya for several years before moving to Germany in 2014.

"He really has lost everything; he had to leave his family back in Syria because people wanted to kill him," Buttner wrote in German on her Facebook page.

"Even though he doesn't have a lot, he goes on the street and distributes food to the homeless."

Alex told German reporters that he started cooking for the homeless three months ago. "Cooking is my favourite hobby," he said.

"They are thankful. When they say 'thank you', they say it from their hearts."