Syrian refugee camp hit with missiles and bombs

Syrian refugee camp hit with missiles and bombs
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02 October, 2016
Russian or Syrian regime war planes bombed a refugee camp inside rebel-held Idlib province, killing five women and a child.
Air raids have pounded Idlib province since rebels took over [Anadolu]
Five women and a child have been killed after Russian or Syrian regime war planes targeted a refugee camp in rebel stronghold Idlib province.

Bombs and missiles struck the camp situated in southern Idlib province, close to the village of al-Khwyn.

The victims are thought to be refugees from elsewhere in Syria who fled to the rebel stronghold of Idlib.

Frequent bombing by regime and Russian war planes have seen numerous massacres in Idlib province and have included refugee camps.

In May, a suspected Russian air raid on Sarmada refugee camp in Idlib province left dozens dead.

The UN said it was unlikely that the attack was an accident, and that the bombing could amount to a war crime.

Last month, nearly 1,200 Syrian civilians were killed, the Syrian Network for Human Rights claimed, including 192 children and 163 women - mostly from air raids.

"Regime and Russian forces have violated human rights law that guarantee the right to life," the Syrian Network for Human Rights commented.

Aleppo has also witnessed massive air raids in recent weeks, one of the most ferocious aerial assaults since the start of the war. with hundreds of civilians killed since the breakdown of a ceasefire last month.

Russian war planes have killed 4,000 civilians since it first intervened in Syria, just over a year ago.