Syrian rebels in talks with Russia over Daraa surrender

Syrian rebels in talks with Russia over Daraa surrender
Syrian rebels are in talks with Russia over the surrender of opposition areas in southern Syria to the regime.
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30 June, 2018
Large parts of Daraa province have fallen to the Syrian regime [AFP]
Syrian rebels say they are holding talks with Russia, over the possible surrender of Daraa province in the south to the regime.

Ibrahim Jabawi, a spokesperson for the Free Syrian Army's operation room in the southern province said a six-member opposition committee - made up of rebel fighters and civilians - were holding talks with Russia on the borders with Suweida province.

"The committee held its first meeting with Russian officers who presented their demands," Jabawi told Reuters.

The deal would likely see the regime take control over opposition areas in Daraa province.

Jordan media has reported that the opposition have agreed to surrender Daraa and for fighters to leave the area for rebel-held Idlib province.

Opposition resistance to a huge regime offensive - backed by Russian airpower - has started to collapse.

The assault has intensified over the past few days, with 160,000 displaced and around a hundred people killed following intense regime and Russian bombing.
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Some opposition towns have already agreed to surrender to the regime with huge parts of Daraa falling on Friday following these agreements.

Regime fighters took control of towns such as Dael on Friday and Saturday.

Syrian regime air raids continued through Friday night with fighting resuming between the two sides on Saturday.

The UN has repeatedly warned that the regime offensive threatens the lives of thousands of civilians in Daraa.